Rain Brings Frogs - A Little Book of HOPE

A small book with a big message of hope, kindness, tolerance, appreciation & generosity.

A great book to compliment school's anti-bullying campaigns.

Behind every cloud there is sun.Nate always sees the bright side of life.

While others complain about rain, Nate is happy about the frogs that it brings.

When others say "Keep Out", Nate says "There's room for all."

Instead of wanting more, Nate is grateful for what he's got.

Smile along with Nate as he sees the sun behind the clouds.

-Ages- newborn and up
-Hardcover-32 pages

-Publisher: HarperCollins




Cocca-Leffler has made defining the word “hope” quite a bit easier. Her optimistic outlook transcends to the picture book by showing opposite feelings to which children can easily relate. Nate sees everything in a positive light. “When Charlie says, ‘Keep Out!’/Nate says, ‘Room for All.’ When Mom says, ‘I Hate Rain.’ Nate says, ‘Rain Brings Frogs!’” ... the feeling of “hope,” or seeing the bright side, will be just a bit more tangible after reading this book aloud.–Blair Christolon, Prince William Public Library System, Manassas, VA   SLJ