Bravery Soup
Reading level: Ages 4-8
March 2002

Albert Whitman & Co;
ISBN: 0807508705


Carlin is afraid of everything-even his own shadow! Then he meets Big Bear, the bravest animal in all the land, who tells him that there is a way to become brave. Alone, Carlin must make a perilous journey and bring back the secret ingredient for Big Bear's Bravery Soup. Scared but determined, Carlin sets off. He faces the dangers of the Forbidden Forest, Skulk Mountain, and the lair of a ferocious monster-only to find bravery in the most unexpected place.

NH Telegraph July 2002
"With Bravery Soup, Cocca-Leffler may have created a classic. I think so. The awards will come, but more important, children will be reading this story or having it read to them for many, many years to come."